Carolyn J. Ingersoll - President of Gridforce Energy
CJ is the President of Gridforce Energy Management, LLC (GEM). In addition to her duties as Managing Director, she is responsible for the compliance services division at Gridforce. In this capacity, she oversees the development and maintenance of policies, procedures, and internal controls on behalf of Gridforce and its clients, and manages both internal and external audits.

Denise Ayers - Vice President / Controller
Denise Ayers is the Vice President / Controller of Gridforce Energy Management (GEM). Denise holds a BS in Business Management and an MBA in Public Administration with 30 years’ experience in generation plant operations, utility system operations and business management. Denise has held NERC Reliability Coordinator operator certification, ERCOT operator certification, WECC operator certification, and PJM Generation and Transmission certifications. Denise manages day-to-day activity within the organization and is responsible for business operations and coordination of technical staff to support operations and customer needs.

David Jones - Operations Director
David Jones is the Operations Director for Gridforce Energy Management (GEM). David has over 30 years’ experience in power plant and bulk electric power system operations, and operations management. David holds a BS in Business Administration, NERC Reliability Coordinator certification, ERCOT operator certification, WECC operator certification, and PJM Generation and Transmission operator certifications. David manages the real-time activity in the Gridforce 24-hour Control Center, and the team of professionals who partner with customers in operating the bulk electric power system in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. David is the current chairman of the ACE Diversity Interchange (ADI) Operating Committee in the Western Interconnection.

Benjamin Bernier - Training and Performance Manager
Benjamin Bernier is the Training and Performance Manager for Gridforce Energy Management (GEM). Benjamin has over 15 years of experience in power plant operations, trading, and bulk electric power system operations. Benjamin holds a BS in Marine Engineering from Maine Maritime Academy, NERC Reliability Coordinator certification, PJM Generation and Transmission operator certifications, and a State of Maine 3rd Class Stationary Steam Engineer License. Benjamin’s role is to design and deliver training material for the initial and ongoing training programs, maintain and manage the GEM Learning Management System (LMS), and to assist the compliance department in designing company specific training material and procedures. Benjamin’s main goal is to enhance the performance of personnel to ensure they are able to use critical thinking skills to solve problems they face in their day-to-day activities.

Antonio Franco - Director of Reliability Compliance
Antonio Franco is a Director of Reliability Compliance at Gridforce Energy Management (GEM). Antonio has a BS in Industrial Engineering and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He has 9 years of experience in the electric industry as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner, NERC Compliance Process Engineer and Internal Auditor. He has facilitated and managed several Lean Six Sigma projects in Power Operations and Commercial Operations. Some of those projects include: Management of Power Plant Change, Natural Gas Pipeline Routing/Nomination and Actualization Processes, CAISO MRTU Trading and Settlements, Turbine Maintenance Scheduling and Back Office processes. Antonio has experience developing standard operating procedures and swim lane diagrams to comply with NERC Reliability Standards for BA, GO, GOP, TO, TOP and PSE functions. Antonio is also a member of the NERC Frequency Work Group under the NERC Resources Sub Committee, Western Interconnect Compliance Forum, NWPP Frequency Response Sharing Group, NWPP Frequency Reserve Sharing Group.