Energy Management System (EMS)
Our state-of-the-art EMS system combines the technology and cyber security with system redundancy that every power management company needs. Back-up systems in Austin provide an additional layer of reliability. Our EMS gives us the capacity to serve multiple operating areas and facilities, to maximize delivery to load, and to optimize generation facility transactions.

Transmission Operator Services
Gridforce’s EMS provides real time monitoring of breaker status, voltage, MW and MVar flow for our clients' transmission facilities. We coordinate with Independent System Operators, neighboring Transmission Operators, Balancing Authorities and our clients for modeling, planning and executing switching orders.

Balancing Authority Services
Revolutionary accomplishments have been made by Gridforce in regards to creating effective and cost efficient Balancing Authorities throughout NERC. Generation only, Load only and Wind only Balancing Authorities are proving to be excellent resources for our clients.

Control and Dispatch Services
Through our EMS and SCADA we are able to control and dispatch generators in real time to help reduce peak loads, saving customers money in transmission fees and creating additional revenue during high energy price periods.

Compliance Services
Gridforce's netCompliance application provides our customers the tool to stay ahead of NERC compliance and the ever changing Standards.

Energy Reconciliation Services
We capture and store operational information from actual grid activity. This serves to insulate our customers from the heavy financial impacts of potential penalties and to ensure accurate energy reconciliation.

The highest industry cyber and physical security is embedded in our systems and services, ensuring compliance. We also enhance your current switchyard and surveillance security systems with round-the-clock scrutiny.

Web-based Data Access
From your office or home, your facilities’ real-time data is available 24/7 over our isolated cyber secure communications network. This invaluable tool allows busy managers to monitor activities from anywhere.

Tag Approval Authority
Gridforce’s tag approval authority for Balancing Authorities provides increased customer control, flexibility in recovery, efficient implementation of commercial transactions, direct access tothe reliability authorities andoversight of transmission owner/provider tag activities.